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Halloween Events in Peabody Massachusetts 2014

Looking for some last minute ideas to help plan your Halloween week activities in Peabody? We’ve found a list of fun Halloween happenings this week, the last week of October 2014.   If you haven’t got your tickets for the Haunted Dinner Theater this week,  tickets are still available for our November 1 show in… Read more »

Haunted Mystery Dinner Theater in Peabody and Salem Massachusetts

Welcome the Haunted Dinner Theater to Salem by catching Dinner and a Show   The Haunted Dinner Theater moved from Williamsburg to the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts this season. We also have haunted mystery dinner shows in Peabody, Massachusetts in the Holiday Inn Peabody Ballroom. These shows are fun, family friendly, and perfectly spooky… Read more »

Spooky Snacks for Halloween

Treats and Spooky Snacks for Halloween   It is that ghoulish time of the year, when everyone is frightfully full of candy and looking for their next Halloween spooky snack fix. What is your candy of choice? Are you a chocoholic or do you have a sweet tooth for fruity candies? Those popular, old standbys for… Read more »

What are the Lyrics to Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?

Looking for Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Lyrics? Which do you, want the one from OZ or the ones from GLEE?   Which old witch? Which Ding Dong song? We found both sets of lyrics, feel free to copy, paste, and print the lyrics, so you’ll be ready to perform them! Want to see… Read more »

Famous Witches: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

In honor of our new show opening in Salem, we’ve compiled a list of Famous Witches   Elvira, Samantha, Tabitha, Sabrina, The Wicked Witch of the West, Endora, Willow, The Charmed Ones, Winifred and her Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Glinda, The Witches of Eastwick, Professor Minerva, Maleficent, The Twitches, Aggie… admit it you’ve loved a… Read more »

6 Things to do in Salem Massachusetts with Kids

 Family Friendly Things to do in Greater Boston Include a Day Trip to Salem If you are vacationing in Boston, you may want to visit the surrounding cities. Each city, has a rich history and many fun, educational, and family friendly activities and things to do.  You will find many festivals and free events throughout… Read more »

Kids Mystery Dinner Party: 4 Creepy Edible Eyeballs Ideas

4 Eatable, Edible Eyeballs for a Kids’ Mystery Dinner Party     These  4 creepy, squishy, edible, eatable eyeballs will make you the best kids’ mystery dinner party hostess ever!  Mystery Dinner Party food can be fun and healthy like these blueberry and grape eyeballs by Of course, you can always just peel the… Read more »